Although Obvious, Plan B Leaves Plenty To Be Appreciated

By: Isaac P. Ale
June 09, 2021

plan b intro Plan B [2021]


It's not really a bad thing to be on the nose these days. To be so blatantly straight-forward or obvious that there can't possibly be any confusion, let alone miscommunication. Why beat around the bush when you can just get in the bush? Is that how the rest of that saying goes?

Nevertheless, I have no qualms with the directness of being "on the nose". I'm a huge fan of when my glasses are on the nose, and I'm also a huge fan of how consistently direct Plan B is right from the jump. The overall plot of the film should be very telling, along with the sort commentary you'd expect with this topic, but I'm just gonna pull this straight from iMDB so there's, again, no confusion:

Plan B "Follows a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend who, after a regrettable first sexual encounter, have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America's heartland." -iMDB

Based on that alone, one could surmise the plot and message centers around the ridiculous hurdles women have to go through every day to have control over their own bodies. While that is absolutely the front and center message of Plan B, there is so much more that develops and unravels that makes for a hilariously heartwarming excursion between two high school best friends.

The potent and wildly infectious chemistry between Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) and Lupe (Victoria Moroles) is the driving force in the narrative and comedic basis of the film. There is so much added just from the dialogue and interactions of these two. Their chemistry was not only incredible to watch play out, but I'm also incredibly disappointed that this is the first I'm seeing these two; I'm definitely looking forward to them being in more projects because they are undeniably delightful.

And may I mention the writing of this here film??? Bravo, Bravo. Joshua Levy and Prathiksha Srinivasan were able to construct a script that is not only hilarious but has some serious undertones that don't overshadow the comedy at hand. The sheer amount of social commentary throughout the film is not only astounding, but it is all funny and poingnant.

What that leaves us with is a beautiful comedy film about navigating expectations as a young woman. Expectations that are in place from friends, family, and even from one's self, all while going through a time in life that just plain and simple, is not plain or simple. Not tipping one way or the other on the radar of serious vs. comedy allows Plan B to achieve the Nirvana of both and then some.

This movie is incredibly funny with a lot of great plot points, and I'd definitely recommend that you see it. Also the director is Natalie Morales (who plays Lucy in Parks and Recreation), and this is her second directed movie to come out in 2021. So if that's not motivating, idk what is.


I'm just gonna come out and say it everyone, I needed some help prior to this viewing. Let's just say my gut biome really could've used some assistance. After a less than regular couple days, I stumbled upon a beautiful gem of a beer that held the answers, the Gut Check IPA from Sufferfest Beer Company. This little beauty was brewed with a dash of apple cider vinegar so that not only do you get to enjoy the spoils of a beer, but also the rewards (gastro-intestinally) that apple cider vinegar provides. Of course I know many of you are thinking "wow that's disgusting putting apple cider vinegar in beer", but I implore you to try it out. Because it was one of the more refreshing beers I've ever tried! The apple cider vinegar doesn't necessarily add a lot of flavor but instead adds a good crispness and light texture to the drink. In general, Sufferfest Beer Company makes what they call "functional beers" inspired by female athletes and created for the mover and groover. So checking in at a cool 100 calories and seeing as I went a whole 20 feet round trip from couch to fridge, I was ready to dive in. Oh and my gut biome is very excited now, so take that as you will.

I pooped.

Gut Check
Sufferfest Beer Company
IPA - American | 4.0% ABV

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