I Got Paramount Plus For This

By: Isaac P. Ale
June 02, 2022

alanlostcity The Lost City [2022]


First off let me lay out a nice little disclaimer that we here at Film & Froth are not sponsored or affiliated with the streaming service or the company behind Paramount Plus. What I'm talking about today is not an advertisement but merely the way of the movie world we live in (unless you're Top Gun: Maverick).

Essentially, every now and then there's a movie that you're interested in seeing but not only does it not come out in theaters, but it's also unavailable in your current 24 streaming services. Bummer! So of course, like many other geniuses I found the one streaming service it was on for free and signed up for a free trial. That way I could watch my film, cancel my free trial, and achieve omnipotence as the almighty consumer.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen because I saw they had Bar Rescue on the streaming service, and I can't help but sink hours into watching people give away thousands of dollars of liquor while their bar is failing. Come on people even I know that's a no-no!!

None of this is particularly important, but it's a great intro into what I was doing in Paramount Plus in the first place -- trying to watch the new Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum action adventure comedy The Lost City! Following the established author Loretta Sage (Bullock) as she attempts to finish her latest book after the passing of her husband she is whisked away in a kidnapping scheme by Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) in order to find the lost treasure Sage happens to be writing about. Hoping to rescue Sage and express his love to her, Alan Caprison (Tatum) flies to the location Sage is being held at and attempts to free her with the help of his trainer, aptly named Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt).

lostcity The Lost City [2022]

Sound familiar?? Well that's because this is pretty much the plot for the 1984 action adventure Romancing the Stone! I'm not saying this as a knock on The Lost City because in a way it knows what it is: it's a modern reimagining of the classic, a regifting of the same story but with new twists and plenty of new humor. The Lost City is actually hilarious, I found myself cracking up over so many of the deadpan deliveries and wildly outrageous jokes. Not to mention, Bullock and Tatum have fantastic chemistry and are both incredibly funny. I absolutely love Bullock's comedy side, I think she has a way of delivering comedic moments that appears and feels so natural it adds to the humor and the ethos of the characters she portrays. The same goes for Tatum, who more often than not fits into this "himbo" role that he executes organically and undeniably well.

Lastly, you just throw in a few Brad Pitt moments because why the hell not and you've got yourself one banger of a comedy!

Now, I'm not overpromising or anything because there's certainly a lot to be desired out of the film, but if you're looking for a fun and funny action adventure film well then look no further. The leads are fantastic, the villain is just as hilarious with Radcliffe having some great bits, and the supporting cast also chimes in when needed and are spot on. It6's always great seeing people from the Netflix show I think you should leave with this film having a little part for Patti Harrison, who is ridiculously funny (the shark tank bit is still one of my favorite skits).

Overall, check out this film for some laughs, don't take yourself too seriously, and probably cancel that free trial of Paramount Plus unless you want to sink into Bar Rescue.


Adventure! Action! Brad Pitt with long hair! What better way to combine these ingredients than with a beer that uses the Enchantments as its covering! The Enchantments are full of action, adventure and are also beautiful, much like Brad Pitt. Brewed by Icicle Brewing located in Leavenworth Washington, the Enchantments Hazy IPA is a refreshing and action adventure packed beer. Icicle brewing likes to experiment with their brews and this instance of the Enchantments Hazy I had was of their most recent Tanglewood series! The classic mosaic and citra hops gives it that fantastic citrus tone along with some earthy pine to balance it out. But the Tanglewood series differs, because it also is brewed with some experimental hops, the HBC630 and the HBC638 both provided by the Yakima valley in all her glory. The 630 has a flavor profile that adds some sweeter fruit to the party, something akin to raspberries, cherries and peaches whereas the 638 adds some more tropical flavors to the mix, your usual pineapple and mango.

I know this sounds like a lot of fruit aroma and flavor, but it really isn't as overwhelming as it sounds! Well balanced and well brewed, the Enchantments Hazy really is an adventure for your nose and your taste buds. Much sweeter than your usual IPA this Hazy runs in 30 IBU but also boasts a 6.7% ABV and both of these elements play well with eachother in the sand box, which is a big win for the drinker.

Enchantments Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA - American | 6.7% ABV
Icicle Brewing

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