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By: Isaac P. Ale

December 15, 2020

Palm Springs Cover Palm Springs [2020]


As sure as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, is Andy Samberg hand delivering you some laughs. But that's not what makes Palm Springs work so well. Quite frankly it's at the bottom of the list of the elements that incorporate together, delivering a refreshing and heart-warming film.

Palm Springs, directed by Max Barbakow, refurbishes your old and dusty VHS of Groundhog Day with some shiny new...Well actually it takes that VHS tape and Kareem sky-hooks it in the trash after saying "Ok Boomer" to your dad who wanted to watch it for the 50th time that day. This film really provides a fun and unique spin on the classic trope of living a day for an eternity until some "wrong" is corrected. And it does so in extremely basic ways that don't detract from the looming melancholic idea of your actions don't matter and everything is meaningless when every day is December 15th.

First and foremost, its unclear how long Nyles (Andy Samberg) has been in his temporal Hell, and the toll that's taken on him is immediately apparent. However the simple twist of having the ability to bring people into this everlasting day, accidentally or purposefully, introduces an exciting wrinkle to the story. And not to mention how the newcomers to Nyles' carousel of space and time react to joining the fun, how they come to terms with it or how they lash out at their new eternal surroundings. Seeing the character dynamics, individual and group growth between Nyles, Roy (J.K. Simmons), and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) tops the ingredients list in the recipe of how this movie is so enjoyable.

With Andy Samberg playing one of his least Sambergesque characters across his film catalog, and a strong story, written by Andy Siara, Palm Springs is a heartwarming and hilarious adventure well worth watching.

Gestating on the idea of living in an infinite loop of a single day got me contemplating on what days I do and don’t want to endlessly exist in.

Every Morning is Beautiful:

  1. Wisconsin beats Kentucky in the 2014 Final Four
    • I was at this game when I was a student at UW and lemme tell you, there is nothing sweeter than watching Frank Kaminsky absolutely ravage an unbeaten Kentucky team. Coach Cal still calls him daddy to this day (Source: Anonymous)
  2. I did a onesie bar crawl in 2019 and that would be quite fun to just exist in a onesie
  3. I woke up one morning and David Spade liked a tweet of mine, so you tell me if I'm having a great day after THAT

Every Morning is Ass:

  1. The morning after the onesie bar crawl listed above, this should be obvious people
  2. 2015 NFC Championship Packers vs. Seahawks
    • It would be rather hypocritical of me to want to relive one of the greatest Wisconsin sports moments and not put anything in the worst Wisconsin sports moments. Now that I live in Seattle this is especially painful, but hey you live and you learn (unless you live this day until the universe implodes and you can't change the outcome but know all day that Jon Ryan of all people is going to jump start the end to your meaningless existence).
  3. The day I got my wisdom teeth out
    • My brother and I had back to back appointments and I was first but the nurses made my mom take me home because I kept on saying fuck. Then in the car I told my loving mother how fucking cool the world would be if it was like Star Wars. On second thought maybe this should be in the other list...


Throughout the movie Nyles leaves a bread crumb trail of hints that his memory of his life before his fateful day is hazy at best. And not knowing this before I watched the movie I really lucked out with a convenient drink of choice: pFriem Family Brewers Hazy IPA. A pleasantly hoppy and fruity hazy IPA that's enjoyably light but also packs a hefty amount of flavor.

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