Last Christmas Isn't Good (But Who Cares?)

By: Hopster

January 01, 2021

Last Christmas Last Christmas [2019]


Before we go any further, we need to stop and ask ourselves an important question: when sitting down to watch Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding flirt for < two hours, should one expect or need the movie to actually be any good? NO. The answer is no. Of course the movie doesn't have to be good.

If you showed up for anything other than a big-budget Hallmark movie with two exceedingly attractive leads where the entire premise of the movie is laid out in the first two sentences of a George Michael Christmas song that came out in the mid-80's...(inhales deeply)... then I simply do not know what to tell you.

The Organ-Donor-Heart-Transplant-Boyfriend-Ghost-of-Christmas-Past tagline is in the discussion for one of the most diligent pun-turned-movie-premises ever. Also, LOL when Tom, the ghost, is quite literally ghosting his girlfriend for half the movie. It's as bland as it is blatant, and yet, it's that level of commitment to the bit that justifies (or maybe just offsets) everything else.

So, there is still much to enjoy here, even if your heartstrings are still mostly intact and your eyes are dry at the end of it all. Just remember, it doesn't have to be good! Now bring me some damn figgy pudding.


Drinking a Shiner Holiday Cheer paired perfectly with this festive movie: it's sweet, a little nutty, and despite a dark interior, it's not all that filling.

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