Knives Out, An Almost Redemption Story

By: Isaac P. Ale

December 22, 2020

Knives Out Knives Out [2019]


Honestly the biggest selling point of this film is not mystery, but fun. I watched this with my parents and listening to my dad guess over and over again what the ending was, was just pure entertainment. Every character deploys an exceptional performance and Rian Johnson directs a great film. But let's not forget how much of an absolute pile of crap The Last Jedi was. People don't forget, Rian.


I drank an Avery Brewing Ellie’s Brown while watching because with all good mysteries comes a beer worthy of inquisitive thoughts. Is it a brown ale? Is it just an amber? Is it lighter than air? I’m not sure, and if you are then you haven’t drank it yet.

Ellie's Brown
Avery Brewing Company
American Brown Ale - American | 5.5% ABV