The Same Old Ryan Reynolds Guy

By: Isaac P. Ale
November 11, 2021

free guy 2 Free Guy [2021]


Its not every day that you voluntarily watch a video game movie, especially when they've historically been straight up ass.

Mortal Kombat (both of them), Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and I'm definitely purposefully forgetting plenty of others like that wild Super Mario Bros. movie from the 90's.

Maybe the biggest difference with Free Guy is that it doesn't have any real source material to derive its story from, so it's floor is relatively high. Making a movie of a beloved video game, which by the way have some of the more fiery fanbases of any medium, will undoubtedly have some ridiculous expectations.

Free Guy is essentially a different view on an open world MMORPG (or for you normies: massive multiplayer online role playing game) where our titular character, Guy (Ryan Reynolds), is a non-playable character in a massive city called - yeah, that's right - Free City. Which of course is amusing in of itself because in the movie world this game probably costs $80, doesn't sound like a Free City to me man.

The first half of the movie really plays out like you're watching it on 2x playback speed - it moves fast. There's a lot of moving parts with the world building along with character exposition of Guy, Millie/MolotovGirl (Jodie Comer), Keys (Joe Keery), and Antwan (Taika Waititi) that leads to a decent amount of confusion and whiplash trying to watch everything unfold. Of course, once the romantic plot line is involved in the second half the movie slows down and actually has some much more palatable elements to it.

The big winners of the romance portion of the movie are undeniably Keys and Millie; their chemistry and whole story is fantastic and is folded into the flow of the things quite well. Also, I'm a huge fan of Taika Waititi's villainous character Antwan who is an absolute caricature.

My least favorite part of the movie was coincidentally, Ryan Reynolds. This was essentially a cut and paste role for Reynolds, and he did the same exact thing in the same exact way with zero pizzazz or flair. I would consider his Guy character as if Deadpool found his way into a video game rated T for Teen. He delivers the same lines, the same sarcasm, the same casual humor at those characteristically bad times (oh how humorous!), to minimal or no payoff.

Something tells me I will have the exact same review for Red Notice and the eventual Deadpool 3, which is essentially the 100th sequel of Ryan Reynolds reprising himself.

Which is quite disappointing given how much I loved his performance in Buried which is clearly some of his best work. I can't wait to have that Ryan Reynolds back.

But in the meantime, it's Jodie Comer time and I'm hyped to check out The Last Duel!


Tried and true, time and time again, my go to staple (due to 30% being lazy and 70% having excellent beer), Fremont Brewing has delivered me from sobriety yet again. Huzzah!

This time I got my hands on the Milo IPA, another edition of the pet named rotating IPA's at Fremont Brewing similar to the Ollie IPA I had tried previously. This one, as opposed to the Ollie, has less of a haze but still has the same tropical flavors leaning more into a pineapple and grapefruit sort of package (Full disclosure, I look up every beer I try and check out the brewing report on it to see what flavors I'm supposed to be tasting and have more of a prepared palate if you will).

The report on this beer says there's some papaya flavors brewed in there, but for the life of me I have no clue what the hell a papaya tastes like. I don't think I've ever had a papaya so that flavor is kind of lost on me, similar to Ryan Reynolds acting in his past 10 movies.

Regardless of my inability to comprehend a papaya, the Milo was a great addition to the rotating IPA selection at Fremont and presents another great option for your film and froth desires!

IPA - American | 7.0% ABV
Fremont Brewing

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