I'm Thinking of Ending This Movie

By: Isaac P. Ale

January 12, 2021

Jesse Plemons and Jessie Buckley in I'm Thinking of Ending Things I'm Thinking of Ending Things [2020]


I finally managed to sit down and watch I'm Thinking of Ending Things directed by Charlie Kaufman and streaming on Netflix.

To be quite frank, I would chalk this movie up to the same ranks of Splice. If you've seen Splice, you should understand the severity of that statement. Although I'm Thinking of Ending Things doesn't have any of the wild genetic clone monster sex scenes, it truly provides the same feeling; an unsettling confusion and disgust with one's self for watching it.

Netflix really tricks you into thinking this is a psychological thriller with some mind-bending concepts, such as Jake's (Jesse Plemons) family dog always shaking or his parents (Toni Collette and David Thewlis) being more uncomfortable than the usual introduction to a significant others' parents.

But alas, this movie quickly veers off the road and down a 5 million mile long stretch of 'what on God's green Earth am I watching and please make it stop.' I couldn't follow this movie at all and after watching it, I just didn't even want to.

On to the positives of the film: if you've seen season 3 of Fargo you know damn well David Thewlis can be as unsettling as watching a sex scene with your devout Catholic grandmother in the room. In other words, he's very good in his limited role.

Also Toni Collette has quietly put together one of the strongest resumes to end the decade with incredible performances in Hereditary, Knives Out, and this film.


When watching such a confusing and well, bad movie, I couldn't help but lean on the warm embrace of something I know very well. Like the old blanket you used to always sleep with as a child, it brings you nothing but happiness and comfort. My blankey for this film was a beautiful and classic Rainier, the pride of the Pacific North West. In hindsight I wish I had 30 of them to get through the 2+ hours of this trainwreck of a film.

Rainier Brewing Company
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